Swimwear Sites

Finding the best swimwear sites for men.

Most searches under the term "swimwear sites" will return you websites for ladies swimwear which is wonderful if you are shopping for that. Our site will give you a tour of the hottest swimwear trends, designs and styles for men and no there will not be any surf trunks. I will include links to my favorite swimwear sites, blog sites and even the latest information on the best beaches, hotel pools and cranking pool parties. Fashion swimwear for men is an exploding segment with more changes happening in the last few years than the previous twenty years before! Many styles like bikinis and thongs which were always very popular on the beaches of Europe are making huge strings in the USA and other parts of the world to the point where many fashion experts feel that bikinis, thongs and the new hot trend of micro shorts are considered mainstream fashion swimwear. This has been true for decades when it comes to women's swimwear fashion but has been a huge trend in men's swimwear for the last few year and it is showing no signs of slowing down. If anything the trend is moving to smaller and more extreme styles every year. The swimwear sites I have listed offer a nice range of fashion suits for men ranging from full back bikinis, full coverage short shorts, Brazilian style bikinis down to suits so small they are considered the world's smallest swimwear designs. I love wearing it all and can't wait to share my passion of men's swimwear with you.